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The owner of the foundation, Ali bin Saleh bin Ali Al Daghash Al-Ghamdi, was born on 04/13/1971.

He lived and grew up in Dammam in the Eastern Province and learned from his father, Sheikh Saleh bin Ali Al Daghash Al-Ghamdi.

The founder of Al-Mutanabbi Library, which was established in 1385 AH - the trade, where he accompanied him since his childhood.

A graduate of King Saud University, College of Science, in 1416, he took over, while studying at King Saud University, the management of the Al-Mutanabbi Library branch in Riyadh.

After graduating from King Saud University, he joined King Faisal Air College.

He graduated in 1417 with the rank of lieutenant and held a number of positions and tasks during his work until he applied for early retirement and was retired in 1434 with the rank of lieutenant colonel.

He holds a master's degree in constitutional law and political systems.

He started his commercial work in 2012 in his project, Tributaries of the Gulf Business.

Tributaries of the Gulf Business achieved a wide spread and a good reputation in the eastern region in terms of dealing and after-sales service. 

Ali bin Saleh Al-Ghamdi
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